About Us

Hey there!

We're the dynamic duo behind Luna Belle, an online boutique based in the Adelaide Hills that is all about making women feel fabulous. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Emily and Tiffany and we make up Luna Belle

Here is a little about us. 

I grew up in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and I've recently moved back with my family. In doing this, I have been able to pursue my dream with Tiff to start our own business.

From a young age, I've always had a passion for retail. There's just something magical about helping women find their perfect style and boosting their confidence. And that's exactly what Luna Belle is all about. We're here to dress you up in stylish and comfortable clothing that makes you feel amazing.

My long-term goal is to open a physical Luna Belle store, where we can provide personalised styling sessions for women. Picture this: you walk in, we chat over a cup of coffee, and together we create the perfect outfit that showcases your unique personality. Sounds dreamy, right? But for now, we're rocking the online world, bringing Luna Belle straight to your doorstep. And let us tell you, our range is to die for! 

My own style is a combo of printed pants and basic tops or denim matched back with layers - did anyone say capes and kimonos for summer? You’ll see me rocking these outfits anywhere from school pick up to dinner out with the family. And I am a sucker for anything white - it looks so fresh and summery and goes with everything!!

Now, let's not forget about me outside of Luna Belle. I'm a proud mum to two amazing girls and a playful puppy. When I'm not busy running the show, you can find me sipping on a delicious cup of coffee, hunting for the latest fashion trends, or catching up with friends (although my free time is pretty limited, let's be honest).


I also grew up in the Adelaide Hills living in Mount Barker, Hahndorf and Crafers over the course of my childhood and through to my early 20's. I love the Hills community and no matter how far I have travelled it has always felt like home to me. 

I am a qualified primary school teacher, but I have had a passion for clothing for as long as I can remember. I still remember being so thrilled at five years of age when mum would take me shopping for clothes, and I would parade around the living room in my new outfits for my grandparents. I used to get so excited and to be honest not much has changed, I still love dressing up and the joy the perfect outfit can bring.

I have been fortunate enough to travel lots in my life and to live in both London and Melbourne but have also enjoyed moving back to the Adelaide Hills. It was here, I was lucky enough to meet Em and start our Luna Belle journey together. 

My own style is mostly dresses to be honest, I love summer so much because I can just throw on a dress, some sandals, my favourite bag and head out the door. I am a big fan of Maxi dresses - I mean who isn't? I love colour, big bright prints and am a bit of a sucker for florals. 

Outside of Luna Belle, I really enjoy yoga, pilates, walks, long beach days and a great book. I am fortunate to still have so many of my friends and family living here in the Adelaide Hills and I love catching up with them for long brunch or a day at one of our wonderful winery’s.

So, whether you're a busy mom, a fashionista, or just someone who wants to feel fabulous, Luna Belle is here for you. We're all about making fashion fun, accessible, and oh-so-comfortable. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's dress the world one fabulous outfit at a time!